Instructions for Pleating
Curtain Tapes
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Instructions for Pleating

Sew the tape parallel to the top of the curtain, leave about 2 cm of tape in both ends.
In one of the ends, pull out the string and make a knot. Bend the remaining tape and sew it in order to have a better finishing.
In the other end, take the string with one hand and with the other, slide the tape towards the other end to obtain the pleats automatically.
Once pleated, knot the remaining string. Bend the spare tape, and sew so as to have the same finishing as in instruction 2. Do not cut the remaining string. Make a hank easy enough to be hidden behind the tape pleats.
  • Obtaining Pleats
Obtaining Pleats
  • Pleated Curtain
Pleated Curtain
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Sew the Curtain in front of the eyelet type. Carefully cut the curtain from the middle of the eyelets. Attach the beautiful rings on the front side of the curtain. The ring will hide any rough edges.
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Attach each plastic buckle with it's opposite to pleat the curtain automatically.
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Once the buckles are tied and the pleat is obtained pass a curtain rod through the eyelets and hang the curtain.